You smoke too much. You should cut back.

It hurts to even walk with my thigh muscles aching.

Please remain calm.

I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself from now on.

When he arrived the weather was most beautiful.

This wasn't an easy task.

Don't look down on yourself, because people have limitless possibilities.

Put a record on the stereo.


This box is a different colour to that one.

I wish you would make a list of the newly published books.

Marc is going to be my son-in-law.

Do they suspect me?

His vainglory put the Republic at risk.

You can't hurt him.

The flowers brightened up the room.

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I must ride a bicycle.

She has gone to America.

Is that not clear?


Margaret slowly backed away.

I want to be back in Boston.

I need to see you, and to see you again, and to see you always.

I will never apologize for the United States of America, ever. I don't care what the facts are.

I went to see the movies yesterday.

You have nothing better to do than spend hours lying on a sofa talking to a shrink?

He's now making a table for me.

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It was expensive, too.

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Knudsen doesn't think it's worth it.


The cars crashed into each other.

Can you tell me what it is?

Val is in the garage, working on his motorcycle.

You were probably too much tense and that prevented you from sleeping well.

I can't speak to Maurice.

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I drop off my children at school every morning before going to work.


This may be pulao, but it's completely flavourless.

Dominic lugged his suitcase up the stairs.

We're meeting at the station at nine o'clock.

One thing's for sure: you can expect the unexpected.

You're soaking.

Ramneek is being hunted by the police.

I will lend you this dictionary.

He left without having shut the door.

I've got a queen of hearts.


I have to go. It's getting late.

I stayed awake 'till the morning.

Does anybody in the audience have any questions?

I just want him to go away.

Maybe we can sit together.

Which group do you want to join?

I'll alert them.

I got out straight after getting my century because I was being too complacent. I let my team down.

We don't have any water.

Julie knew Slartibartfast would arrive late.

Fill the bottle to the top so as to exclude all air.

No one is threatening you.

Gunnar has hair down to her waist.

He doesn't have the necessary skills for that task.

When I hear this song, I think of her.

That doesn't accord with my principle.

Many think that Finnish is a really difficult language.

I know what she's capable of.

Santa's driving made Panzer nervous.

I had no time to eat.

I am sharpening my sword.

The hillside burned all night.

Japan needed contact with the Western countries.

It seems I was wrong about Ricardo.

He looked into the farmer's smiling red face, "Yes, sir." He said.

My older sister Angelina is sixteen years old.

Do you want to go for a swim with me?


Don't you talk in the classroom.

How do the Vietnamese feel about Americans?

Many migratory birds come to this pond every year in winter.


Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.

Miki wasn't able to understand it.

I bought this for my brother.

There must be a scientific explanation for this.

I know you're happy.

This box must be large enough for all these books.

I swear I didn't know Shadow was coming.

The vegetation was thick and lush.

The lesson on reflexive verbs is always difficult for the students.

Students came of their own accord to help the villagers.

Their opinion matters little.

Do you prefer to go by train or bus?, a language website, was shut down temporarily for maintenance.


It was the sort of weird car that made me want to blurt out, "what the heck is that?"

Hal is a lot like me.

He resigned as president.

She wouldn't do that to me.

There's a lot of rain all the year round.


I've always had complete confidence in your judgment.


Show me some respect.

Sanand paid attention to his teacher.

Have you ever sweated this much?

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Why don't you tell her that?

It takes olympic strength to do this.

Dying's nothing. Start instead by living - not only is it harder, but it's longer as well.

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Do I need a reason?

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I'm pretty sure I mentioned that.

What he said scares me.

It wasn't much of a yard.


No matter how good you are, there will always be people who are better than you.


I'm going up to Anatole's bedroom.

Is it secure?

I remember no such thing.

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I don't want to talk about it here.

We're sophomores.

Jacobson didn't provide any explanation.

That emir is very rich.

Why don't you ask her directly?


I wish tomorrow would never come.

Sometimes he acted as if he were my boss.

He denied these facts.

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We'll give you anything you want.

He started to learn Spanish from the radio.

Dave wants to do something special for Bernard's birthday.


This is the first time I've ever received a parcel from abroad.

In short, all died out.

Did anybody see you?

I think he ate about 10 oysters.

Where do you see him?

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He writes to me less and less often these days.


What's the text about?

He is often late for school.

He can read English easily.


I have to get you out of here.


The police are checking up on the bomb threats.


I know what that word means.

Just stand there.

If you write your address on a web-page, anybody can find out where you live if the whim takes them.

The table and the bed stood in their former places.

What did Rainer tell Per?

You can use the bath before me.

I'm saying this out of kindness.

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I feel a great joy for this job.


You said you were going to buy a new car.

Mothers should keep their children from playing in the streets.

I found a bag stuffed full of gold coins!

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Helen tightened the knot.

The judge sentenced him to one year's imprisonment.

Japan is rich in beautiful scenery.

You are good at speaking French, aren't you?

Merat is a junior.

I talked to the doctor about our options.

He filled the bottle with water.


You shouldn't have come back.

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Now, what can I do for you?

I want to be cautious.

Ned now has a good reason to be happy.


I wish you all the very best for the future.

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Jisheng told Dennis she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met.

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He owed his success to both ability and industry.


I've told him where to meet us.

Spock deleted all the files off his thumb drive.

He's nothing special. Just another working stiff.

You should make sure that you tie a bowline.

You have no alternative.

What should I do about this?

She asked him where he lived, but he was too smart to tell her.

What's going to happen to us?

Duke will be here in fifteen minutes.


Men tend to exaggerate their number of sexual partners.